Knitting for Myself

Recently, I joined a local knitting group. Everyone is very interesting and I’ve been enjoying all the knitting stories, especially those from members that have decades of experience. During one of the meet-ups everyone was discussing their rule of thumb for the quantity of yarn to buy for sweaters (for themselves) when they don’t yet have a project in mind or a pattern picked out. I realized during this conversation that while I’ve been knitting for almost ten years now and have knit many many kids sweaters and cardigans – I have yet to make one for myself!

In light of this epiphany, I decided (other than newborn sweater gifts), this year I am only going to be knitting sweaters or cardigans for myself. I am hoping to knit at least 6 (this is all I can manage without neglecting my sewing machine or she’d get lonely and jealous 😉).

For my first project I chose the pattern “Chickadee” by Ysolda Teague because it looked versatile with a wide range of sizes…. and the wee little chickadees are so cute.

image   image


I have to say I loved this pattern! It knit up super fast and the instructions were clearly written. There were even tutorials on the authors website for the more challenging steps such as the one row button holes (which I had never done before). I enjoyed knitting this pattern so much that I was actually a bit sad to finish which I have to say is a first….. Usually at the end of a knitting project I’m racing to see the finished product!

I had some difficulties choosing buttons at the end- this is a nice problem to have- who doesn’t love perusing for buttons! At first I was going to make my own fabric buttons but I didn’t have any fabric that I liked for it. Then I searched at my local stores but I couldn’t find any I liked at my usual hot spots.  In the end I found some cute rustic handmade wooden buttons on etsy. I think they go really well with the overall color choices and design don’t you?

I would definitely recommend this pattern. I may even make a second if I get my other five sweaters done in time😀.

ttys, Brandi

Tula Pink Fabric Wall Hangings

I had been meaning to spruce up my little ones bedroom and I really love the new Tula Pink Elizabeth collection so I decided to make some appliquéd wall hangings. I went with a stark black and white fabric as the background which I think makes the applique pop.  I crocheted a scalloped purple trim on each one.

I think overall they turned out pretty true to my vision and when my daughter saw them she kept pointing at them and saying nice! Nice! So I’m pretty sure she likes them too :).

image image image image image

More wood grain fabric

Hi Everyone!

I just can’t seem to get Joel Dewberry’s wood grain print fabric out of my system. Every time I pick it up I find another idea for how to use it pops into my head. This time I thought it would look really interesting as an oval wall hanging. I cut a deer and feather out of Tula Pink fabric and appliqued them onto the wood grain print. I backed the pieces with grey corduroy then crocheted a dark grey trim. I really like how these turned out and I really enjoyed making them….. so much so that I started several other pieces using fabrics from my stash  so…. to be continued folks…

image image image image image

Have a great night :).

On my table today…

I received a shipment of fabric this morning…YAY! (one of my most favorite things in the world) and I was totally itching to use this home decor fabric I ordered so this applique feather mug rug was born :). I love how the super bright fabric of the feather looks against the pale grey and white background. The grey and white fabric looks almost like wood grain too which I think also makes it looks good together.

Have a great day All!

image image image

Foxy Pouch

I had been waiting for inspiration to hit me for using this black and white fabric. I really like how the density of the dots goes from heavy to light…. it reminds me of a snowy day. I decided to go with a fox on a snowy day with a touch of whimsy.



I added a fox  applique from the Tula Pink Fox Field collection and made rocks out of grey corduroy. I love the corduroy texture against the stark black and white fabric. I embroidered french knots on the rocks and in the sky. There’s something about making french knots that I find so relaxing. I don’t know what it is. I think the applique flowers make the pouch seem more whimsical than was intended but overall I like how it all worked out.


Hope you like it :).

Here Fishy Fishy!

That’s right folks another batch of fishy purses. There’s something about making these that I just love. This time I made six at once and it sure was a long haul! Right after I finished these I started making some basic small messenger bags and it really hit home as to how much work goes into each of these little beauties…..but alas it’s a labour of love! Now I just need to sell some so I can make more! If you like them check them out here (

Have a great day everyone :).

image image image image image image

YoYo Monkey

I finally got around to taking pictures of the yoyo monkey I made for my youngest babe. The pattern is designed by Karen Kottke (Indygo Junction).  I actually picked up the pattern several years ago at a craft fair but kept starting and stopping the project but finally a finish product! I ended up using mostly Heather Bailey and Amy Butler fabric.  It used a lot more fabric than I had anticipated. I had pictured it as a scrap busting venture but the circles that the Yoyo’s are made from are quite large. I was a bit concerned at first that the flowery face and polka dots would make the monkey look too clownish but I think it worked. I had a few issues figuring out the pattern in regards to putting together the head but I rarely use patterns for stuffies so I’m sure it was me not the clarity of the pattern.

My one regret with this one is that I didn’t make two more at the same time because once my other littles saw this one they wanted one of their own :).


Itty Bitty Cardi

Hi folks! I don’t know about you but I am soooooo tired of winter. Our first winter in the Prairies and it’s dragging on. In hopes of relieving the winter woes today I am posting one of my latest knitting projects which is oh so springy :). This little itty bitty cardi is from the pattern Olearia listed on Ravelry (

The pattern was great, very clear and the cardigan knit up super fast. I love the look of the buttons too, although next time I think I’ll use fewer (five seems a little much for the length). I might use a superwash wool for the next one instead of cotton and see how it goes. Overall I think it turned out very fine indeed! What do you think?




Taggie Town

Okay, these projects are a bit older but I just had to get a permanent record of them before I put them away forever in my last bambinos keepsake box.

It was really my first try at making any stuffed toys and I had a super fun time. I went with a monster theme because I had picked up some super cute fleece with all sorts of monsters on it at the local quilting shop.

This one is a fairly large googley-eyed polka dot monster with little fleece monsters hanging out of a pocket mouth.


I stuffed it with scrap fabric that I had kicking around. I kinda wish I hadn’t because it turned out much heavier than it would have been with traditional stuffing.

At first I wasn’t sure if it was cute or just weird looking but in the end it didn’t really matter because the babe played with it all the time – so a total win in my books.

The next toy I made was a taggie cube. Putting together the cube was surprisingly easy with the exception that some of my tags unintentionally overlapped on certain edges. Overall all it turned out pretty good I’d say.

image image image image

We’ll that’s it for now. Hope you liked it :).